Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Son #1--Jackson Paul

**I wrote this on February 17. I just never had the time to post it until today. Pretend it is February again!
I can't believe it. Am I old enough to have an eight year old? Today, my baby, turned 8 years old. He was so excited this morning when he got up for school. What I've realized is that it is not just a special day for him, but it is a special day for me and Randy too. It makes me think about the day he was born. It was on a Sunday and I had been pushing for two hours. In my head I was thinking--"I can't do this much longer!" I didn't want to be that girl. You know, the one you see on TV screaming and giving up. So, I kept going. What choice did I have? At 6:12 am, I had my Jackson.

Jackson was named after my Mima. The maiden name of my mom's mom was Jackson. I just liked the name and at the time, I knew no one by that name. His middle name is Paul. That's Randy and his dad's middle name. It just fits him.

He was always a serious baby. He would look at people as if they were crazy for talking "baby talk" to him. He is a very mature 8 year old. Don't get me wrong--he's loads of fun, but things have to be a certain way with him (maybe it's a first born thing). He's too smart for his own good. I know everyone thinks their child is a genius, but he really soaks up everything he hears and reads. He is a funny, little kid. He already gets sarcasm. He can dish it out too! Sometimes, we butt heads about something and I can see my mom shaking her head. He is a mini-Liz.

His attitude and his hair he got from me. Ever since he was 2, he has been known for his curly hair. He really didn't have much hair until right before he turned 2. He has plenty of it now!(My dad always wants him to gather his hair up after a haircut and save it for him.) Now, from his dad-he gets his ability to be liked by everyone. People just gravitate to him.

I know I'm rambling a bit, but I could just go on and on about him. What I really want to say is...

Happy Birthday Jackson! We all love you!
-Mom, Dad, Riley and Knox


  1. Awww... He's as cute as a Jonas brother. Don't tell him I said that, though.

  2. aww, sweet jackson. it's crazy to think how fast they grow! :(