Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Update

Just a quick update on my progress. In a week, I'm down 4.2 lbs! That's pretty good since I inhaled a piece of cheese pizza and a cupcake during our church's game night. Randy was so excited for me. I know he is proud that I worked so hard; I also know that I would have been hell to live with if I hadn't lost any weight! My friend Laurie is also losing weight. I can really tell that she is slimming up. She is a little over 5 feet tall. If she loses an ounce, you can see a difference. At 5'7'', I practically have to lose 15 lbs. before people say, "Did you cut your hair?" The hubby says he can tell, but I think I must have lost it in my cankles. See, I can't even enjoy the 4.2 stinkin' pounds. (Yes, I must count the .2!) It's working, so I guess I'm still sweating at the gym and drooling over the chips I can't have. Until next time...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

God is great...and people are CRAZY!

As I have gotten older, I have noticed something. There are so many crazy people in this world. It is true that I have had my crazy moments in life, but I mean people are certifiable. For example, I was trying to catch a few minutes of American Idol last night. A guy comes on there howling. It was awful. The judges were immediately saying no. The "singer" was serious. He acted like they had crushed his dreams. Then, he went crazy. The security had to be called and they had to handcuff his silly self and drag him out of there. It was kind of scary. Does he really not have anyone in his life that could tell him to pursue something other than singing?

Watch the news and see if you can get through the 30 min. without hearing about somebody who just went nuts about something. Something happened in the workplace, on the interstate, in a church, at a school--it just goes on and on. Has there always been stuff like this happening and I am just now paying attention to it? Maybe it is just the times and they are a-changin'.

I think crazy comes in different levels. You know that one guy in your hometown that everyone knew was crazy-that's a medium level. You weren't really afraid, but you knew better than to get too close. (My hometown crazy rode a bike and he was covered in trash bags. He sprayed Future floor cleaner as he rode and claimed to have built spaceships for the government.) People that blow up things-that's off the charts. Today, I had an encounter with a mild form of crazy. I heard a 14 year old kid say, "She was s*** out of luck." I was in the position to get the kid in trouble, but I just wanted him to acknowledge his mistake. Maybe he could act a little embarrassed that an adult heard him cuss or just apologize. What did he say to me? "You probably cussed when you were 14!" That didn't sit well with me. It may seem like no big deal, but I find that to be a form of craziness-disrespect, but also crazy. I would never dream of talking to an adult like that. Am I old-fashioned?

I know many factors contribute to someone's odd behavior. Drugs, for instance have ruined many lives. Don't you have to be a little crazy to have the nerve to inject, smoke, or sniff something that was made in someone's dirty kitchen? Now, if it grows in nature... (Just kidding)
You used to be able to tell if someone was not in their right mind. The person would kind of have those crazy eyes. Now, you never know. It is getting more and more common. I know that it is not PC to call someone crazy, but if the shoe fits... I had an aunt that told me that once, but you know what? She is a little on the nutty side herself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phat is the new skinny!

I'm officially back on the bandwagon. Today is the day I started my "serious" diet. I dieted before Christmas and lost weight. I didn't try during the Christmas break--what's the use? Now, I am going at it full force. I think I'm blogging about it because if I put it out there and everyone knows about it-I can't fail. Can I?
I have plenty of motivation to get the weight off. I'll have more energy, better health, and ... be able to wear the closet full of clothes I haven't put on since last winter. (I found out I was preggars last January.)They are just staring at me. They've all been dry cleaned and look brand new. I hope they are still in style when I return to that size. Oh, THAT size. Why does size matter? I'm talking about in clothes! I should focus on what fits and not the size of it. The ones that tell you that size doesn't matter are all a size 2. It doesn't matter when you are a 2-everything looks good.

I weighed yesterday to get an idea of how much I need to lose. It was more than I expected. I was hoping the scale was wrong, but it was a pretty good scale. I am the weight of a small horse! Okay, let me try to find the positive in this and not dwell on the negative. I'm drawing a blank. I can't think of anything. Alright, I got one. I am not fat---I am Phat. You know, the slang word for being "first rate; cool; highly attractive." I'm not saying that I'm highly attractive, but I am first rate in a couple of areas. I'll just try to remember that when my gut is hanging over my jeans and my shirt won't button because of my boobs. (still nursing!) Until I get down to my normal size, I just have to settle for being PHAT!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Things to THANK about...

I know that Thanksgiving is long gone, but several things have happened lately that make me realize how thankful I am. I hear about some tragedy every day at school. Unless you work in the school system, you really have no idea what some of these kids go through in their personal lives. Many of these kids do without so much--money, love, guidance. Most recently, the news has been all about the people in Haiti. They have been struck with an earthquake that has devestated their country. Can you imagine trying to get through a castastrophe like that? I've been focused on losing weight and they are struggling to find clean water and food. The realm of misfortune and grief that many families face is something that I have had no experience with.

I thank God for all of the good things in my life. These are things that I should think about more often and not focus on the trivial. I really am blessed to have a great family. Many people live their lives with a lot less support and love than me. I have a great husband who loves me and his boys. His favorite thing to do is be with us. I have three healthy boys. They are compassionate and loving and funny. They have good little hearts and I can see that they are going to turn out to be awesome men one day. We could always use more money, but we have a house, clothes, food, and junk we could do without.

I can feel me getting sappy, but I just wanted to put things in perspective. Today, I will try to put my energy into being happy with my life the way it is, pray for those who are experiencing troubled times, and hope to continue this tomorrow. I'll do my best, but if I can't fit into my jeans, I may have to rant about that a little:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not a hippo for long!

This is how I see myself these days. I'm a hippo. My baby just turned 4 months old and I have been obsessed with getting this weight off. Whoever said that a pregnant woman should gain 25-30 lbs. is crazy and, obviously, a MAN! Okay, I know there are plenty of girls that gain a little weight with pregnancy. You know, the ones who look like they are carrying a basketball under their shirt. The minute they pop the baby out they are back in their skinny jeans. I'm not that girl. I've had three, big boys and struggled every time to get the weight off. Currently, I have to get off as much as I was "supposed"to gain. I'm working to get my waist back. It's hard.

Luckily, I have some friends that are on the bandwagon. We try to stay away from the school's snack (crack) cart that delivers snacks to the students. We've all been bringing our lunch to school. I think it is harder working in a high school environment. I see all of these young girls and their cute, little pre-baby bodies. Enjoy it while you can--one day you'll be dreaming of the days when you could shovel food down your throat and not gain an ounce.

My husband is nothing but supportive. He motivates me to go the gym and helps me find the time. Ran could care less that my body is no longer shaped like an hourglass but more like a grandfather clock. Bless his heart, he listens to me complain and cry about it every day and he still loves me. I'm even sick of hearing me!

This is just one of the ways I'm reminded that I'm not 18 anymore. That body is long gone. At 18, I was not worried about how much I weighed. I was too busy having fun and eating whatever I wanted. Awww, those were the days! I am sure this will be a topic for many blogs to come. I look forward to the day when I don't have to think about it. Until then--I'M IN THE FREAKING GYM!

Monday, January 11, 2010

You made me love you, I didn't want to do it...

It is ridiculous. It is obsurd. It is not to be watched by the faint at heart. It is THE JERSEY SHORE, baby! Oh, one more thing, it is addicting!! If you don't know about this show and you love drama, you are missing out. I didn't want to like it--it just happened. This bunch is made up of young, Italian-Americans. They are spending time on the Jersey shore and wreaking havoc on the boardwalk. There is a fight or two or three on every episode. I discovered it while I was on the elliptical at the gym. (I'll watch anything to get through my 30 min.) I came home telling my husband about it. Randy and I never have time to watch TV, but every once in a while we will sit down and catch part of an episode. We crack up every time. I recently found out that my friend, Laurie, has also been biten by the Shore bug. She discovered it the very same way I did. Don't get it twisted--I do not watch this in front of my kids. I don't want my boys growing up to be tanned beefcakes walking around in "wife-beaters" and talking with a Jersey accent. Alright, I feel better. I've confessed. Next time you're flipping through the channels and you see it on, stop for 5 minutes and see if you can resist the urge to watch 5 more.

By the way-Everyone on the show has a nickname. Ex. Sweetheart, Snooki, The Situation, etc. If you want to know your Jersey Shore nickname go to

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

These are my boys. This was our 2009 Christmas card picture. Riley loves his new brother. It is rare that I take his picture without him leaning his head on Knox. I told Jackson to think what Santa might bring him. Even though he is missing a front tooth, he gave me this gorgeous smile. Knox, on the other hand, was not in the mood to be merry. (Notice the drop of drool on his chin.)

This is a picture of all of my guys. Aren't they cute? I'm a lucky girl!

Baby Knox Walker

Look at this crew! My parents have 6 grandkids-5 boys and 1 sweet, little girl. Don't be deceived. She may be dainty, but she can hang with the boys.

(Riley, Trey, Jackson and Knox, Matthew, and Ella Kate)