Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phat is the new skinny!

I'm officially back on the bandwagon. Today is the day I started my "serious" diet. I dieted before Christmas and lost weight. I didn't try during the Christmas break--what's the use? Now, I am going at it full force. I think I'm blogging about it because if I put it out there and everyone knows about it-I can't fail. Can I?
I have plenty of motivation to get the weight off. I'll have more energy, better health, and ... be able to wear the closet full of clothes I haven't put on since last winter. (I found out I was preggars last January.)They are just staring at me. They've all been dry cleaned and look brand new. I hope they are still in style when I return to that size. Oh, THAT size. Why does size matter? I'm talking about in clothes! I should focus on what fits and not the size of it. The ones that tell you that size doesn't matter are all a size 2. It doesn't matter when you are a 2-everything looks good.

I weighed yesterday to get an idea of how much I need to lose. It was more than I expected. I was hoping the scale was wrong, but it was a pretty good scale. I am the weight of a small horse! Okay, let me try to find the positive in this and not dwell on the negative. I'm drawing a blank. I can't think of anything. Alright, I got one. I am not fat---I am Phat. You know, the slang word for being "first rate; cool; highly attractive." I'm not saying that I'm highly attractive, but I am first rate in a couple of areas. I'll just try to remember that when my gut is hanging over my jeans and my shirt won't button because of my boobs. (still nursing!) Until I get down to my normal size, I just have to settle for being PHAT!


  1. You're absolutely insane. Alright, it's big loser camp around our house. You're going straight by the book. No cheating until you lose 10lbs.

  2. Can Mr. Boot Camp instructor monitor my house, too??? My husband lives on Twinkies! I hate skinny people who've never, EVER had to diet. They just aren't NORMAL! FREAKS!

    I agree; you are totally PHAT!