Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Update

Just a quick update on my progress. In a week, I'm down 4.2 lbs! That's pretty good since I inhaled a piece of cheese pizza and a cupcake during our church's game night. Randy was so excited for me. I know he is proud that I worked so hard; I also know that I would have been hell to live with if I hadn't lost any weight! My friend Laurie is also losing weight. I can really tell that she is slimming up. She is a little over 5 feet tall. If she loses an ounce, you can see a difference. At 5'7'', I practically have to lose 15 lbs. before people say, "Did you cut your hair?" The hubby says he can tell, but I think I must have lost it in my cankles. See, I can't even enjoy the 4.2 stinkin' pounds. (Yes, I must count the .2!) It's working, so I guess I'm still sweating at the gym and drooling over the chips I can't have. Until next time...

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