Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not a hippo for long!

This is how I see myself these days. I'm a hippo. My baby just turned 4 months old and I have been obsessed with getting this weight off. Whoever said that a pregnant woman should gain 25-30 lbs. is crazy and, obviously, a MAN! Okay, I know there are plenty of girls that gain a little weight with pregnancy. You know, the ones who look like they are carrying a basketball under their shirt. The minute they pop the baby out they are back in their skinny jeans. I'm not that girl. I've had three, big boys and struggled every time to get the weight off. Currently, I have to get off as much as I was "supposed"to gain. I'm working to get my waist back. It's hard.

Luckily, I have some friends that are on the bandwagon. We try to stay away from the school's snack (crack) cart that delivers snacks to the students. We've all been bringing our lunch to school. I think it is harder working in a high school environment. I see all of these young girls and their cute, little pre-baby bodies. Enjoy it while you can--one day you'll be dreaming of the days when you could shovel food down your throat and not gain an ounce.

My husband is nothing but supportive. He motivates me to go the gym and helps me find the time. Ran could care less that my body is no longer shaped like an hourglass but more like a grandfather clock. Bless his heart, he listens to me complain and cry about it every day and he still loves me. I'm even sick of hearing me!

This is just one of the ways I'm reminded that I'm not 18 anymore. That body is long gone. At 18, I was not worried about how much I weighed. I was too busy having fun and eating whatever I wanted. Awww, those were the days! I am sure this will be a topic for many blogs to come. I look forward to the day when I don't have to think about it. Until then--I'M IN THE FREAKING GYM!


  1. You're a hot hippo, though. LOL!

  2. You're crazy. I think you're hotter than ever! You have body dysmorphia.