Monday, January 11, 2010

You made me love you, I didn't want to do it...

It is ridiculous. It is obsurd. It is not to be watched by the faint at heart. It is THE JERSEY SHORE, baby! Oh, one more thing, it is addicting!! If you don't know about this show and you love drama, you are missing out. I didn't want to like it--it just happened. This bunch is made up of young, Italian-Americans. They are spending time on the Jersey shore and wreaking havoc on the boardwalk. There is a fight or two or three on every episode. I discovered it while I was on the elliptical at the gym. (I'll watch anything to get through my 30 min.) I came home telling my husband about it. Randy and I never have time to watch TV, but every once in a while we will sit down and catch part of an episode. We crack up every time. I recently found out that my friend, Laurie, has also been biten by the Shore bug. She discovered it the very same way I did. Don't get it twisted--I do not watch this in front of my kids. I don't want my boys growing up to be tanned beefcakes walking around in "wife-beaters" and talking with a Jersey accent. Alright, I feel better. I've confessed. Next time you're flipping through the channels and you see it on, stop for 5 minutes and see if you can resist the urge to watch 5 more.

By the way-Everyone on the show has a nickname. Ex. Sweetheart, Snooki, The Situation, etc. If you want to know your Jersey Shore nickname go to


  1. ya'll are so funny!! You hate Drama more than anyone I know but you love this drama filled show, Ha!
    (Now,... If only I can get you hooked on Nancy Grace...)

  2. LOL! I'm the Marisa Tomei of the Bronx! Of course, I'm a grenade-size Marisa :)

    Oh, and I love Nancy Grace too.