Saturday, July 16, 2011

How do they love him? Let me count the ways...

I took the title from my favorite Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem "How Do I Love Thee?" The reason for it is simple. My boys loooove their daddy. I started wondering why they love him so much. I mean, I know why I do, but why do they?

For starters- he is their BEST playmate. Over the years, he has played everything imaginable with these kids. Bob the Builder, Star Wars, cars, Baskethead (don't ask), Doo Doo Johnny (really, don't ask), and any kind of sports. He gets super involved and creative. Even when he's worked all day, he never refuses to play. I'm not kidding--NEVER.

He is a really big guy. I have seen him in the floor with kids all over him. He doesn't get hurt. There are times that the boys jump off of a chair or off the ground and just hang on him. He'll walk around the house dripping in kids!

The boys are not content with me being home with them. They ask "When is Dad coming home?" at least 100 times a day. Do they do this when I'm not there? I have a feeling they are too busy playing to notice. I'm not a big "game player" with the kids. Let's snuggle- not play cops. I'm pretty positive they are not wondering when I'm coming home to clean or do the laundry.

Ran has always been a hands-on dad. Diaper changing-no problem, feeding-no problem, bathing-no problem, getting up with the baby-OK, he's not perfect. I know I'm the momma, but he's the hero.

My whole point of this is that I know he thinks he works too much and doesn't get to spend enough time with them, but the time he spends is priceless. I guess daddies have that guilt too.

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