Friday, February 26, 2010

Last One Left

Well, I was the last one left. The last one in North America without a Facebook page. I thought I'd get with it and sign up. I was so stressed. I sat at my parents' house on their computer trying to crop a freakin' picture and hold a fussy baby. I had Jackson and Riley over my shoulder bugging me to get off so they could play their game. If you know me, you know that I can't do a project half-way. If I decide to paint a room, I have to paint and have the pictures back on the wall by the end of the day. I don't know what it is. I just can't rest without it being complete. I remember my friend Stephanie telling me that she was sick of her bathroom tiles and she just started pulling them up. What? How could she do that without having new ones to put in their place. I couldn't sleep that night. I thought about when she was going to fix the tiles. Just when I got over it, she pulled the wallpaper off of her kitchen walls!

Anyway--I went through the pictures on my camera. I'll confess that I haven't developed pictures since before last Christmas. That's the problem with digital cameras. I just keep adding pictures. So, I made a FB album of pictures from last summer to the snow we just got. My boys went from being tan to bundled up in snow gear.

It has been fun getting all of these "friend requests" from people that I haven't seen in years. Randy is keeping up with it too. He has friends from high school that have been added. I can't check FB at work. (not that I have the time) So, I keep getting emails of people fussing at me for not replying back quick enough. Randy has a laptop for work that he occasionally brings home. I usually have to go to my parents' house to check it and blog. I won't be able to become an addict to FB unless I get a home computer. I guess I'll be shopping for one this weekend! :)


  1. Don't feel bad... I don't have a FB page myself. I think I am always a decade behind:)

  2. hahahahahaha!!! me and my incessant "never-complete-a-task" nature!! tommy hates that about me!! lol