Friday, May 21, 2010

Remember When-No Dimples, No Rolls, No Fat...No Worries!

The day is finally here. I've dreaded it all year. It has haunted me day and night. I have to go SWIMSUIT shopping!!!
Flashback 1-it was the summer of '96. I had just graduated from high school. I could eat whatever I wanted. I was active, but never dreamed of going into a gym to workout. I was sporting a J Crew blue, string bikini. It had no padding, but everything was smooth and sat up in place.
Flashback 2-it was the summer of '08. I was sporting a zebra striped, Victoria's Secret bikini. I had been working out and eating healthy. I was not perfect, but looking back on that time I can see that I was definitely more confident.
Flashback 3-it was the summer of '09. I was 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant. I was sporting a Motherhood Maternity paisley tankini. I was big, but I had a reason. I was also tan and that hides a lot.
OK- now it is about to be the summer of '10. My baby is 8 months old and I have to get a swimsuit. I'm going to be sporting a 1 piece or maybe I'll be daring and go for the tankini.
I told my friends at work that I would be looking for a scuba diving suit. You know, the kind that zips up and covers everything from the neck to the knee. My girls were there for me. They got online and picked out the perfect suit for me. Whitni even called the store and had the girl put it on hold. I am leaving after school and getting the suit--I think. I may have an utter and complete meltdown when those florescent lights in the dressing room hit my thighs!!
I'm having a girls only swim party on Sunday. (Whitni is moving :( ) I'm going to down a few pina coladas to drown my sorrows and try to forget about my dimples, my rolls, and my fat. I've just got to realize that it's not the summer of '96 and that I'm going to have to live with it!!!


  1. OMG! Knox is still a baby! You have to give yourself more than 8 months to get rid of ALL the pregnancy weight. You are looking great, and will look awesome in your new swimsuit. You are beautiful, Liz! Beauty fades, just look around you! What matters most is that you're my DAWG! You're my besty! That's worth more than any ol' damn bikini. Drink another one, girl!

  2. You crack me up! You are too hard on yourself. I agree with LB. It has only been 8 months. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Those dimples that moms have after birthing children, are so worth it:)))