Monday, May 10, 2010

Riley's Birthday Weekend/Mother's Day

This weekend made the "Henfling's Top Ten Busiest Weekends" list. It really all started on Thursday. I had early and late duty and Riley had soccer practice. Friday, after a day of early/late duty and testing, I had someone looking at my house (tryng to sell it), a birthday party to get the boys to, ran Knox to the doctor in Memphis because of an ear infection, and Jackson had practice. Saturday, we had 2 soccer games, both boys had soccer pictures, and I made cupcakes for Ri's b'day all before 1:00. We all took Riley for his birthday dinner at Outback. After dinner, Nan, Knox, and I went birthday shopping and Randy took Jackson and Riley to see Iron Man 2. I got home around 10:00 and had just enough time to throw his gifts into bags before they all got home at 10:30. After a lot of begging, we let him open his gifts. Sunday was Mother's Day and Riley's birthday. We got up, the boys had bluberry muffins and we were off to church. (Congrats Big Papa for becoming an elder!!) We left directly from church and drove to Missouri. Let me document that after 10 years of living here, Randy thought he knew a short cut that cost us 30 extra minutes. Anyway, we visited with Randy's family and then stopped by my grandparents' house before finally making it home at 9:40 pm. WHEW!!

This was mainly for me to remember how hectic this weekend was because it was kind of a blur. Believe it or not, we did have a lot of fun celebrating Riley's birthday and Mom's Day.
For the record, I got some really cool shoes from Randy and the boys. Jackson and Riley also made me lots of cards and a bookmark. Knox slept all night, so I guess that was his gift. I've got some great guys!!

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  1. The boys are so handsome. There is only one problem. There are three of them and only two Glass girls. Hmmm.....