Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snack Cart Snafu

THANK YOU LAURIE!! Laurie just saved me from myself. She saved me from hours in the gym, low self-esteem, and a one piece swimsuit with a skirt. Laurie had a snack cart intervention in the middle of the hallway.

Our school has a snack cart. Well, not just one cart...several. These carts(ran by students) travel to every classroom, every period of the day- NO MATTER WHAT. They sell food to the kids. If the snack cart is late, the kids are crazy. They are like little cart fiends. That is how they got the nickname "crack" carts.

I was on a mission. I was on my planning period and I was determined to walk across campus to the snack cart room. This room is full of every kind of soda, Little Debbie cake, and flavor of chips you could imagine. I wanted Crunchers. These are the extra crunchy chips that are cooked in peanut oil. I've seen the kids eating them and I couldn't resist any longer. I stopped and talked to my co-worker and friend Laurie. I commented on how she was looking good and that I generally hate her for losing weight. Then it hit me. If I want to be skinny like Laurie, I should not eat the Crunchers. I thanked her for making me see the light.

As we were walking back down the hall, I notice a snack cart. I felt like the kids. I wanted, no, I needed the freakin' Crunchers. I tried to justify it by telling Laurie that I brought tuna for lunch and I needed a little sumpin' sumpin' to go with it. Then, I tried to tell her they are cooked in peanut oil and are only 140 calories. As we walked to the cart, I was feeling like I was definitely going to get them. We turned the bag around and Laurie pointed out that the chips are only 140 calories---PER SERVING!! There happen to be 4 servings in a bag. That's right---560 calories of chippy goodness!!

I backed my big butt away from the crack cart. I'll stick with my twigs and berries!!

**If not for Laurie's wisdom, this could be my future.

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  1. Hey, I think I recognize that butt!!! Oh, and those "cute shoes" (aka white sneakers). LOL!

    The props are not necessary. I know you'd have done the same for me. STAY AWAY FROM THE FAT-CHICK CART!