Monday, May 10, 2010

Son #2--Riley Gardner

Goofy Riley

Okay, I confess. I cried about my sweet baby turning 6. I cannot believe that boy #2 is really 6 years old. I remember the day he came into this world. I was in labor all day on Mother's Day. I finally went to the hospital and the nurse said that if I wanted him to be born on Mother's Day, I would have to hurry. It was like a race. At 11:55 pm and after 20 minutes of pushing, we had Riley Gardner Henfling. He was adorable and huge - 8 lbs. 15 oz. This was the best Mother's Day gift ever!!

Before he was born, I was thinking about what to name my new boy, I couldn't decide. Originally, he was Noah. For some reason my brothers and cousin did not approve. They talked about it so much that I decided to think of something else. That's when Riley popped in my head. When I saw the name in a Pottery Barn magazine, I thought it was fate. His middle name, Gardner, is my maiden name. Riley Gardner was a perfect fit!!

From the first day Riley met his brother, Jackson, they have been each other's best friend. They are 27 months apart and I can just see them both on the couch in their diapers curled up sleeping. That's why I can't believe he's finishing kindergarten and growing up. As a toddler, Riley was a TERROR. He was always into something. I have often said that if there is anything in my house that is stained, cracked, dented, or broken---Riley did it! With Jackson, I never had to take things off of my tables or worry about him getting into anything. Riley was different. He always had a mess on his face and clothes. I used more Shout on his clothes than you can imagine.

Today, Ri is the sweetest, little boy. He is a very loving child. He loves to play with Jackson, but he is most content playing by himself. The other day, Riley was in the floor with Knox reading a book to him. He loves his little Bubba. He really has a cute personality and a funny sense of humor. Sometimes, he gets so worked up telling a story that through all of the rambling, you can't understand what he's saying. He has Randy's laid back personality and build. He definitely gets his lips from Randy. He gets his animated face from me. He is super smart without even trying. He amazes us by how much he knows.

This is the first year since he's been born that his birthday has fallen on Mother's Day. Riley is truly a special boy and we have enjoyed watching him grow.

Happy Birthday Riley!!
We love you!

-Mom, Dad, Jackson, and Knox

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