Wednesday, May 26, 2010

T.L.C.-Toes Love Cuts

**This is absolutely no exaggeration! They are this long!!

People---it's almost summer and that means flip flops and sandals. That also means clipping your freakin' toenails. I admit that my heals are a little crusty right now. That is mainly because I am in a hurry about everything. I have no time to pamper myself. I don't care how busy I get-I WILL NEVER LET MY TOENAILS GROW LONG!! Disgusting!! Oh, I threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it.
I recently came in contact with a woman. She was dressed up. Her hair was neatly put up. Her clothes were ironed. Her make-up was flawless. As I was talking to her, I glanced down and BAM!! I saw her extra long toenails. They were painted red. She obviously has the time to do something with these nails. I mean, good grief, she painted the dang things! BTW- I know for a fact that she has the time to clip those nails. She has no children and anyone that doesn't have children has the time. (Not my opinion, it's FACT!)

Now, I can not focus on anything but these nails. I never hear what she says. All that I can imagine is getting some hedge clippers and straightening out those parrot claws! Everyone that is reading this, please take a minute and look down. Do your nails need a quick trim? Do your feet need some T.L.C ? Help a sister out and take care of business. Seriously, they can be dangerous.


  1. You've gotta tell me who this chick is

  2. LOL! Love that picture!

    Those things may be too much for even Edward Scissorhands! I think she's going to need a professional (landscaper, not manicurist).